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00:00:00 - Monday 15 August 2022  

Hello, thanks for dropping by.

After 11 years and 6 months of having lots of fun playing all our favourites
Classic Hits - C100 is taking a break.

I know we sound huge and awesome and as good as any commercial station,
some would say better however in reality we are/were a little station run for fun - never for money.

There has been a change in the rates and plans for small web broadcasters in the US.
The CRB ruling in December 2015 did not renew or address the expiration of the small
webcaster percentage of revenue plans. This impacted Live365 which is one of the routes we broadcast via.

At the same time Live 365 lost its financial backers and as such it is closing down
its services at the end of January 2016. This is very sad and many small broadcasters
who Live 365 gave a platform to broadcast from will cease to broadcast.

With the closure of Live365 this weekend we need to review how we operate
and move forward. This may not be the end - We have some ideas and hope to
continue C100.

To everyone who has listened thank you we hope you enjoyed the ride!