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00:00:00 - Monday 15 August 2022  

What is a podcast?

If you literally can't bear to drag yourself away from C100's live broadcasts we've come up with a solution to let you get on with your life and take C100 with you!

Now you can download a special podcast version of some Classic Hits C100

We have produced some MP3 audio files that can be automatically delivered to your computer, for you to listen to at your convenience. You dont need an ipod or any other personal player, you can play these directly on your PC too!

These will change regularly (well when we get the time), so keep checking back for new updates.

What software do I need?

You will already have software on your PC or Mac which can play a podcast (Windows Media Player and Real Player can both play downloaded MP3 files), but if you want to receive podcasts automatically, you may need to download additional software to handle the automated downloads (also known as your 'podcast subscriptions'). Apple's iTunes software is particularly popular because it combines a music and video player, automated downloads and transfers to iPods (and is itself a free download).

There are several alternatives to iTunes for automating your downloads. The most popular of these are called Juice and Doppler

How do I sign up to recieve a podcast?

Look for the special feed icon rss or the itunes icon itunes

These will automatically subscribe your software to the podcasts (Internet Explorer and Firefox can also handle these subscriptions).

You can also subscribe manually by entering this URL address into your software - http://www.c1hundred.co.uk/IPOD/dircaster.php

We also can send you an automatic email when we update our podcasts with all the links you need.

Click here to sign up for the C100 podcasts by email'

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